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Resveratrol Research Results

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What is Known about Resveratrol So Far Very few human studies on Resveratrol have been reported. Human dosage is an open question. Long term risks, if any, of Resveratrol supplementation have not been identified.

However what is already known about the multi-faceted anti-aging and anti-disease benefits of Resveratrol is exciting and has many people anxious to start Resveratrol supplementation.

Read the summaries of research results which follow. Then consult with your healthcare professional.

If you decide to give Resveratrol supplements a try, I recommend you buy from an established supplement company whose name you know and can rely on.

But I do see a huge amount of hype on the Internet about Resveratrol and a lot of brand new auto-ship plan companies and websites hawking Resveratrol.

Here are two excellent brand name formulations of Resveratrol that I can recommend. I’ll go more into their formulations at the end of later.

Life Extension
Various studies have shown that Resveratrol increases the life span of yeast cells, fruit flies, nematode worms, mice and Rhesus monkeys.

The mouse and monkey studies are especially interesting because they support an exciting theory about the mechanism of life extension in mammals.

“Previously the only proven mechanism of life extension for humans was extreme calorie restriction while avoiding malnutrition.” Not a very pleasant way to extend one’s life in my opinion.

Resveratrol may mimic the effects of calorie restriction by activating Sirtuin 1, an enzyme that regulates gene activity and cellular life spans – suppressing excess gene activity and boosting antioxidant activity (Lagouge M. et al., Cell, December 2006).

Sirt-1 acts like a voltage regulator, protecting the body’s “electrical equipment” from power surges and shorts which shorten cell life.

In other studies carried out by Harvard Medical School and The National Institute on Aging (Sinclair D. et al., Harvard Medical Office of Public Affairs, November 2006), it was demonstrated that, not only did mice on Resveratrol live longer, but they also lived stronger as measured by their performance on rotorods (imagine walking on a log rolling in water).

So how much Resveratrol does one need to take to live longer and stronger?

We really don’t know yet since there have been no published reports of studies on humans.

The lab mice in the study highlighted on 60 Minutes were given massive doses for their body weight (22 mg/kg).

Even adjusting the dose for the slower human metabolism, a 180 pound human might need 4800 mg a day.

However another study (Barger J.L. et al., PubMedCentral, June 2008) achieved similar anti-aging benefits with mice using a dose of 4.9 mg/kg which would mathematically equate to a more reasonable human dose of 1000 mg a day.

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